Various kinds of needlework are produced in the sewing workshop. The variety of machines in the workshop provide good opportunities to work with different kinds of materials.

The sewing workshop is a learning environment where various kinds of needlework related to studies can be produced such as prototypes, clothes, interior design textiles, as well as designing and developing difference seam and surface structures.  The sewing workshop operates in close collaboration with the pattern-making workshop.

The workshop is equipped with the most common machines and equipment used in the clothing industry, as well as a large cutting table for cutting and assembling products.

The main users of the sewing workshop are undergraduate students taking fashion as their major subject and students of the Fashion and Collection Design master's programme, but other ARTS’ students can also work there if they get individual permission. The workshop also provides technical support to people working there as well as to students of the Fashion and Collection Design master's programme who are working on their final projects.

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