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Student Union AYY

Aalto University Student Union is a service organisation that looks after the interests of its members, the number of which is approximately 15 000. All Aalto University students pursuing studies leading to a higher or lower university degree are members of the union. Doctoral students can also join the student union.

AYY is an important partner for students in their day-to-day life. It is involved in developing the quality of education and Aalto University as a whole. AYY protects the interests of students at the university and offers them sports, well-being and cultural services, support for studying and a home for thousands of Aalto students. Countless events and more than 150 different associations ensure that students have plenty to do in their leisure time.

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TOKYO, the Student Association of the School of Art and Design, was established on 12 December 2008. Originally founded in 1961, TOKYO operated as a registered association until the 1980s, when student associations became public organisations. At the beginning of 2010, TOKYO reverted back to its original status when Aalto University Student Union was established.

The purpose of TOKYO ry is to serve as a link between its members and bring together students and alumni the field of art and design as well as to promote their social, professional and social efforts. TOKYO arranges cultural events, offers study support and represents students in educational policy and study matters.

TOKYO’s activities are divided into two parts: lobbying on behalf of Taik students and maintaining the Taik student culture. Good examples of the former are co-operation with the Student Union AYY and the internal bodies of the School. On the cultural side, activities mainly focus on supporting various projects and arranging events. TOKYO also maintains many services, such as the Kipsari restaurant and the TOKYO office, which will house AYY services in the future.

You can find more information about activities and joining the association on the TOKYO ry website.

Guild of Architecture

The Guild of Architecture is Aalto University's student association for students of architecture and landscape architecture, which operates under the Aalto University Student Union. Although it was established in 1908, the guild is better known for its creative mindset than for its traditions.

Among the most important missions of the Guild are advocating the students interests and organising a myriad of events — everything from night-time orienteering to parties and theatre visits. The Guild also administers an e-mail list,  which is currently one of the key channels of information for the Department of Architecture, and runs a cardboard business that is very important to architecture students in the basement of the department.

More information about the activities is available on the Guild of Architecture website.

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