Masters of Arts 2011

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Helsinki School

The Helsinki School refers to the photographic style and approach of students, alumni and teachers at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The concept is not defined by a specific discipline, nationality or geographic region. It represents an approach, a way of thinking that has evolved out of a process of teaching at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, where each generation is given the chance to invent themselves.

Now the internationally acknowledged artists are gathered together in extensive exhibitions travelling around the world. The exhibitions are curated by Timothy Persons. These exhibitions have established the Helsinki School as a unique approach in how to teach and apply use of the camera as a conceptual tool. The Helsinki School includes both photographs and videos from selected artists who have attended, graduated from or taught at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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Masters of Aalto (MoA)

The annual Masters of Aaalto (former Masters of Arts) is one of the school's and university's windows into the society. Comprising the thesis work of fresh graduates, the exhibition displays topical and coming trends in art, architecture, design, film and media.

Masters of Aalto is a celebration as well as a tour de force of the new Masters. The years of striving for a Master's degree in a prestigious University deserve a worthy finish: a final workout before taking off toward a desirable career. MoA is the collective effort of the graduating generation to make visible the richness of ideas and the creative energy of the whole university. These are essential ingredients of our brand, of the message we send out to potential students from Finland and abroad to join this exciting creative community.

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