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Master's Degree Programmes

The education leading to a Master's Degree is organised in master’s degree programmes. In the case of Master’s degree programmes with several majors, students apply to a given major. Different departments offer the Master of Arts and Master of Science Degree in Architecture education in the following areas:

The Department of Architecture has an excellent international reputation. For us, architecture is an art, requiring learning of professional practice, personal artistic development and technical knowledge of building.

Collaborative and Industrial Design
The programme focuses on design innovation. It enables in-depth understanding of design's role in society, and provides its students advanced skills to work as designers in both corporative and entrepreneurial roles within industry, business, communities, and the government.

Creative Sustainability - Master of Arts
The Creative Sustainability programme provides a multidisciplinary learning platform in the fields of architecture, business, design and real estate for dealing with the most significant development challenges of sustainability as climate change, global poverty, social and economic inequality, population growth as well as demographic changes and adaptation to rapid global economic changes.

Creative Sustainability - M.Sc. Degree in Architecture
The CS programme is a joint teaching platform of the Aalto University on sustainable design and business.

Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Costume Design
The Costume Design major aims at the student’s personal development in artistic practice, creative enquiry and collaboration, theoretical and critical thinking, and his/her professional competence as costume designer in projects for screen and the performing arts.

Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Production Design
The major in production design involves training artistic designers who are responsible for the visual, operational and production entity of a film production.

Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Scenography
The major in scenography trains artistic designers who are responsible for the visual, spatial and operational concept for a live performance.

Fashion and Collection Design
The programme deepens and extends the students’ skills in strategic thinking as well as creating, coordinating and leading fashion and design concept processes.

Film and Television; Documentary Film
The goal of the major in Documentary Film is to train visionary documentary film directors who create the future of the field.

Film and Television; Film and Television Producing
The goal of the Master’s level major in Film and Television Producing is to deepen the student’s skills in his/her chosen direction – towards independent audiovisual entrepreneurship, a research or development project in the film producing field, a deeper understanding of artistic leadership or equivalent advanced competence planned together with the student.

Film and Television; Screenwriting
Master’s students in Screenwriting study in order to be capable of high-quality and important artistic work.  They assess the importance and feasibility of their own screenwriting, film and television series projects and those of fellow students.

Graphic Design
The Master’s Degree Programme in Graphic Design allows students to execute demanding design assignments which develop their conceptual and aesthetic design skills.

International Design Business Management - Master of Arts
The purpose of the IDBM programme is to develop world-class expertise in global design business management through multidisciplinary research and learning that cuts across the areas of business, design and technology.

New Media; Game Design and Production
Game Design and Production is a major subject within the Master’s degree programme in New Media focusing on game design for interactive digital media.

New Media; New Media Design and Production
New Media Design and Production is major subject within the Master’s degree programme in New Media, focusing on art and design in interactive media.

New Media; Sound in New Media
Sound in New Media major subject within the Master’s degree programme in New Media combines art, design and media driven aspects of sound design in the digital era, covering a wide range of disciplines from concept design to live performance and from storytelling to programming.

Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA)
NoVA educates art and visual culture education professionals and researchers, to achieve understanding of the best Nordic practices and traditions in art education and visual communication.

The studies emphasize photography as a means of independent and multidisciplinary arts expression and the development of conceptual thinking and research skills.

Product and Spatial Design
The programme educates designers with a distinct design personality. Students will learn to manage design processes, learn about the regulations in construction, material knowledge, skills in 3D composition, and understand the spatiality of people and products.

Visual Culture and Contemporary Art; Curating, Managing and Mediating Art (CuMMA)
CuMMA is a transdisciplinary major on contemporary art and its publics. It provides a structure for reflection and acting, learning and organizing in art institutions and the public sphere.

Visual Culture and Contemporary Art; Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA)
ViCCA is a major, which connects the worlds of art and non-art. Central for the program are new and emergent professional practices, which are born and developed in this new space of cultural production.



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