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Master of Arts (MA)

The extent of the degree shall be 120 credits. The normative duration of studies is two years.

The Master of Arts degree shall provide the student with

  1. the high level of expertise required for working in the field of art and design in terms of theoretical and other knowledge and artistic and practical knowledge;

  2. knowledge and skills needed for independent and demanding artistic work and knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific knowledge and scientific methods;

  3. knowledge and skills needed for independently operating as an expert and developer of the field;

  4. knowledge and skills needed for education leading to a Doctor of Arts degree and

  5. good language and communication skills.

The education shall be based on scientific research and artistic activity and professional practices in the field.

The education leading to a Master of Arts is organised in master’s degree programmes. In the case of Master’s degree programmes with several majors, students apply to a given major. Some of the master’s programmes are taught in English.

There is one application period per year for programmes leading to a Master of Arts.

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Application period 2014

The application period for two-year Master's Programmes is 16 December 2013 - 31 January 2014.

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