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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The extent of the degree shall be 180 credits. The normative duration of studies is three years.

Studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts are pursued under the Bachelor’s Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture, and new students are admitted to the majors of the programme.

The bachelor’s degree consists of general studies, studies towards the major, studies towards the minor, and elective studies.

The Bachelor of Arts shall provide the students with:

  1. the theoretical and general knowledge as well as artistic and practical expertise necessary for professionals of art and design and knowledge of the basic research of the field, and the prerequisites to follow developments in the field;
  2. knowledge and skills required by artistic practice and a capacity for research-oriented thinking and working methods;
  3. knowledge and skills needed for the studies leading to a master's degree and for continuous learning;
  4. adequate language and communication skills. Studies are based on research and artistic activities as well as professional practices specific to the field.

Students with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture are eligible for continuing their studies in the master's programme or major corresponding to that of their bachelor’s degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree can be completed only in the Finnish or Swedish language. There is one application period per year for the programme leading to a Bachelor of Arts.

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