How to apply

Now that you have decided to apply to study at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, here are the first steps towards making this your future university!

1. Familiarise yourself with the application instructions:

2. Apply during the application period and send the attachments according to the instructions:

  • There is one application period per year for bachelor studies. 
  • The application period for masters studies is 15 December 2014–30 January 2015.
  • Application periods for the Doctor of Arts programme are 15 September and 15 March each year.

3. If you are applying for bachelor studies in the joint application process for arts or technology, prepare for the entrance examinations.

4. Students who are accepted will receive an acceptance letter outlining what to do next. Accept your study place by the deadline indicated in the letter. Read the material you receive carefully. In addition to accepting the position, remember to register for university.
5. Find out more about the Student Union for your school on, for example, this website and the campuses as well as the Aalto First Year Experience.

6. Welcome to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture! TOKYO Association, Guild of Architecture and Aalto University Doctoral Student Association are pleased to welcome you!

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