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The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture website, arts.aalto.fi, was renewed on 14.12.2014. The website operates in parallel with the Aalto University website aalto.fi.

Feedback, questions or improvement suggestions related to the site can be sent via the Feedback button at the bottom of the page. 

A competition for students and alumni was held to find a new concept for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture website. The competition jury selected graphic design master's student Jussi Kantonen's work, entitled Moduuli, as the winning entry, considering it to be a clear and well thought-out ensemble. 

The competition was aimed specifically at identifying a new concept rather than a ready-made website. The  winning competition proposal was developed further with its creator, TBWA/Helsinki and Adage. Nemein is responsible for the technical implementation, and the website is built on Midgard content management system.

Site structure

The site consists of main sections that can be accessed via the menu on the left side of the page (News & Events, Studies and programmes, Gallery, etc.). 

Copyright, responsibilities and personal data

All rights to the content of the site are held by Aalto University, in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act and its amendments. Aalto University is a registered trademark of the Aalto University Foundation. All rights reserved.

The Aalto University domain also contains websites maintained by the university’s students and staff, or groups formed by them. The content of these sites is the responsibility of the persons authorized to access the domain who are indicated as being responsible for their maintenance.

Aalto University is not liable for any damages caused by possible mistakes or errors in the site’s content. Neither is the University liable for inconveniences or damages caused by technical faults or by materials published by external parties that are linked to the site.

No personal data is collected on the users of the arts.aalto.fi site. Users are asked to provide email addresses or other contact details only when they wish to receive a response to questions or feedback.

Statistical data is collected for the purpose of improving the site. The site uses cookies to monitor the number of users and visits. The data stored in relation to the site are the number of users, the countries of origin, the duration of the visits, the browsers used and the content viewed by the users.

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