1871     School of Arts and Crafts was founded
1887     School moved to Ateneum building in center of He
1965     The State became the new owner
1973     University status, University of Industrial Arts
1981     Licentiate studies began (until 1999)
1983     Doctoral studies began
1986     University moved to Arabianshore
1990     Research Institute of Applied Arts was established
1991     1st Doctor of Arts graduated
1992     MediaLab was established
1993     UIAH was renamed as the University of Art and Design Helsinki
1995     1st Doctoral School, Graduate school of Industrial and Product Design,
1997     Future Home Institute was established
1998     Graduate school of Audivisual Media, ELOMEDIA starts (in 2010
              started the 4th period)
2000     Opening of Media Centre Lume
2002     Industrial Design Technology Programme by Tekes (until 2005)
2004     The Academy of Finland Research Programme for Industrial Design  
               (until 2007)
2006     Six schools with 1900 degree students
2007     Doctoral school, Design Connections began/ 1st Research Day was
              organised 20.9.2007/ Reseach database, ReseDa launched
2008     Design Factory, Media Factory & Service Factory / Evaluation of Finnish
              Art Universities by the Academy of Finland
2009     Aalto University Research Assessment Exercise
2010     Aalto University starts/ Five departments with 200 doctoral students in
              the School of Art and Design
2011     30 Years of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Taik / 2nd
              Research Day at the Designmuseum 8.2.2011

2012    The former Aalto University School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering merged to form Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The new school began operations on 1 January 2012.

In 2006 the postgraduate education (incl. licentiate and doctoral) and research celebrated its 25th anniversary. As part of the celebration the Research Institute edited a 32 page publication titled 25-years of postgraduate education and research.pdf(3.04 MB).

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