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Research within the Departments

All five departments carry out research. The departments have defined their research foci and some 60 full-time researchers are now working on their various research topics. Collaboration with international and domestic research and business organisations is lively.

Information on research and ongoing research projects is available in the research database ReseDa and on the websites of the departments:

Department of Film, Television and Scenography: Research at the Department connects research to practice and artistic expression.

Department of Media: Read more about the research foci also in the INTO portal (

Department of Design: The main streams of research at the Department of Design are user centred design, cultural design, and sustainable design research.

Department of Art: Research in contemporary art, art education and mediating art belong to the main interest of Department of Art in Aalto University. See also the Pori Unit of Department of Art.

Department of Architecture: Department of Architecture have a wealth of research skills, competencies and knowledge grounded in theory and practice of visual and creative arts.

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