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Publications and Artistic Activities

Publishing is strongly encouraged in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the researchers publish annually a fair amount of books and journal articles.

The expert panel nominated by the Academy of Finland for the assessment of research in Finnish art universities noted with satisfaction that the output of the School in terms of books, articles, dissertations, conference papers and reports has been very large when compared with many other universities of art and design around the world.

Our research database ReseDa provides information on the publications. You may search for publications by author name, department, research field or key words.

8–10 dissertations are published every year. Dissertations and other books published by the Aalto University are available in the online bookshop. Some dissertations are also published electronically and can be downloaded from the Aalto ARTS Bookshop website or AaltoDoc publication archive.

Working papers is the F-series of the former School of Art and Design publications, which the Research Institute has been publishing since 1998. It has continued in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Artistic activities

Besides information on the scientific publications of the researchers, you can also read about their artistic activities by using the database ReseDa. Research work and artistic activity are combined in many research projects and, animated by the role of the researcher as a practising artist or designer, research often takes the form of practice-based research.

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