Professors of Aalto ARTS

All five departments have appointed one professor who acts as the Head of research and doctoral education in their field of study.

Dean, Professor Anna Valtonen
Vice Dean (research)Professor Ossi Naukkarinen
Vice Dean (teaching), Lecturer Rasmus Vuori
Vice Dean (art and creative practices), Lecturer Saija Hollmén

Members of Doctoral Programme Committee

Contact information of professors who act as contact persons of research and doctoral education are found via Aalto People - click the name marked in orange below to read more specific details.

Department of Architecture

Antti Ahlava, Vice President (campus development), Emergent Design Methodologies
Juan José Galan Vivas, Landscape Architecture
Ranja Hautamäki, Landscape Architecture
Pekka Heikkinen, Wood Architecture
Hannu Huttunen, Architecture
Toni Kotnik, Design of Structures
Kimmo Lapintie, Urban Planning - Head of Research of the Department
Aino Niskanen, History of Architecture
Jenni Reuter, Theory of Architecture
Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Public Building Design
Antti-Matti Siikala, Building Technology 
Jyrki Sinkkilä, Landscape Design and Construction
Pia Fricker, Adjunct Professor
Anssi Joutsiniemi, Adjunct Professor
Kimmo Lintula, Adjunct Professor
Niko Sirola, Adjunct Professor
Mikko Summanen, Adjunct Professor
Jarmo Suominen, Adjunct Professor

Department of Art

Paula Hohti, History of Art and Culture
Mira Kallio-TavinHead of Research of the Department
Harri Laakso, Visual Culture
Pia Lindman, Environmental Arts
Ossi NaukkarinenAesthetics - Head of the Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture
Martti Raevaara, E-learning
Helena Sederholm, Art Education
Nora Sternfeld, Curating and Communication
Anniina Suominen, Art Pedagogy
Kevin Tavin, International Art Education

Department of Design

Jaana Beidler, Design, especially Colours and Materials
Idil Gaziulusoy, Sustainable Design
Julia Grundmann
Pirjo Hirvonen, Fashion Design
Sampsa Hyysalo, Co-design - Head of Research of the Department
Mikko Jalas, Sustainable Consumption
Pentti Kareoja, Spatial and Furniture Design
Turkka Keinonen, Design, especially Industrial Design
Ville Kokkonen, Furniture Design
Pekka Korvenmaa, Design and Culture
Pirjo Kääriäinen, Fashion/Textile Futures
Tuuli Mattelmäki, Design, especially Product and Service Design
Ramia Mazé, New Frontiers of Design
Eero Miettinen, Design and International Product Development
Maarit Mäkelä, Practice-Led Design Research
Kirsi Niinimäki, Fashion Research
Oscar Person, Design Integration
Virpi Roto, Experience Design
Eeva Berglund, Adjunct Professor
Maarit Salolainen, Adjunct Professor; 3D Surface Design, especially textile materials
Annamari Vänskä, Adjunct Professor

Department of Film, Television and Scenography

Susanna Helke, Film Research - Head of Research of the Department
Liisa Ikonen, Scenography
Pietari Koskinen, Motion Picture, Sound Design
Iiro Küttner, Screenwriting
Anne Lakanen, Motion Picture, Editing
Kaisa Mäkinen, Production Design, Theatre and Television
Sofia Pantouvaki, Costume Design and Scenography
Peter McNeil, FiDiPro Professor
Olaf Möller, Adjunct Professor

Department of Media

Philip Dean, New Media Management
Lily Díaz-Kommonen, New Media - Head of Research of the Department
Perttu Hämäläinen, Computer Games
Arja Karhumaa, Visual Communication
Marjaana Kella, Photography, especially Contemporary Photography
Teemu Leinonen, New Media Design and Learning Environments
Lucero Andres, Interaction design
Masood Masoodian, Visual Communication Design
Rupesh Vyas, Information and Interaction Design
Timothy Persons, Adjunct Professor, International Photography Studies

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