Department of Architecture. Photo Julia WeckmanDepartment of Architecture

The Department of Architecture offers education at the highest levels of architecture and landscape architecture and conducts research and development work in these fields.

The strategy of the Department of Architecture is to maintain and develop the department as a high-level, socially responsible, and innovative school of architecture – combining technical, artistic, and scientific knowledge and skills, directed toward the highest professional expertise.




Department of Art. Photo Julia WeckmanDepartment of Art

The Department of Art prepares students for tasks in which it is possible to function in a variety of communities in the visual arts, visual expression, and visual culture. The teaching prepares students to pass on visual presentation and to critically consider the forms of visual culture. Major subjects and areas of expertise include art education, international art education, visual culture, modern art, and curating art. The department conducts groundbreaking research in its fields.

Those graduating from the department have a high employment rate, and their cultural and economic input is significant. Each graduate can change the world through his or her thoughts, actions, and cooperative skills.


ELO. Photo Johannes RomppanenDepartment of Film, TV and Scenography

The Department of Film, Television, and Scenography ELO is Finland's only university-level film school.

The versatile teaching at ELO gives artists or producers preparing for the profession the readiness to operate at high-level tasks in cinematic and scenographic art. The department's research brings new understanding of the forms of expression and production processes in cinematic and scenographic art and opens paths to international research in the field.




Industrial design. Photo Julia WeckmanDepartment of Design

Graduating from the degree programmes of the Department of Design are design professionals with international readiness to work as product designers and designers in the service of industry, commerce, cultural institutions and the media, and in expert tasks in design management or as entrepreneurs and researchers. Students become acquainted with scientific, artistic, and practical concepts in the design field as well as working methods.

The aim of the department is to train students to work in communities in many fields, in which communication and collaboration skills have as much significance as the individual's own specialised expertise.


Photography. Photo Johannes RomppanenDepartment of Media

The Department of Media offers the prerequisites for high-level research, instruction, and artistic activity, as well as active innovation activities. Research and teaching takes place in the Media Laboratory and in the major subjects of graphic design and photography. The department also has an important cultural role, which is powerfully seen in national and international events in visual culture.

Graduates from the Department of Media operate in planning, development, and management tasks in industry, commerce, cultural institutions, and the media, as well as in educational tasks in the field.




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