"Light on White” shows white glass and ceramics

21. helmikuu 2018

The exhibition presents variations of ceramics and glass, all white.


  • glass
  • Ceramics
  • exhibition

Film Memento helped uncover how the brain remembers and interprets events from clues

21. helmikuu 2018

Key repeating moments in the film give viewers the information they need to understand the storyline. The scenes cause identical reactions in the viewer’s brain. The results deepen our understanding of how the brain functions, how narratives work in film, and memory mechanisms impaired by conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Science and art Press releases

  • brain
  • Brain_research
  • movie
  • films
  • film
  • neuroscience
  • brainscience

Urban research gets stronger

19. helmikuu 2018

Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa fund new postdoctoral research positions at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

Science and art Cooperation

  • urban_planning
  • helsinki_institute_of_urban_and_regional_studies
  • urban_research
  • urban_studies

How will Finland benefit from the energy transition?

19. helmikuu 2018

Approximately 250 clean energy companies present themselves on the New Energy Companies (Uuden energian yritykset) website.

Science and art Cooperation

  • SET
  • smart_energy_transition
  • STN
  • energy

First International Clay Pit workshop at Aalto University

16. helmikuu 2018

The experimental workshop is a European co-operation and was organised in connection to the launching of a new Aalto Contemporary Design Master's Programme.


  • contemporary_design
  • clay_pit
  • workshop

Landscape architect Anni-Mari Anttola awarded 2017 Lappset Scholarship

15. helmikuu 2018

In her master’s thesis, Anttola researched special issues relating to the urban ecology of meadows.

Honored Science and art


15. helmikuu 2018

Intervention In Urban Space book presents three different perspectives on intervention art through projects done by the authors Anna Jensen, Denise Ziegler and Taina Rajanti as well as a collective introduction that considers the concept and background of intervention art.

Studies Science and art

  • publicspace
  • artisticresearch
  • interventionart
  • intervention

Lamp exhibition Light! displayed at Aalto Studios

13. helmikuu 2018

Exhibition by the first year design students is the first one at Aalto Studios in Otaniemi.


  • aalto_studios
  • exhibition
  • design

Master's thesis on the development of Helsinki meadow network wins Lappset prize

13. helmikuu 2018

The Lappset scholarship for 2017 has been awarded to Landscape Architect Anni-Mari Anttola.


  • lappset_group
  • landscape_architecture
  • Master’s thesis

The first installation talks of 2018 now available on video

11. helmikuu 2018

Aalto's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of carbon nanomaterials for health applications and origins and beneficiaries of invention.

Science and art

  • installation_talks
  • tenure_track

Startup community A Grid opened on campus

8. helmikuu 2018

The Finnish startup culture helped A Grid's Community Manager Leigh Ewin in adopting to his new home country.

Campus Cooperation

  • a_grid
  • Startups
  • entrepreneurship

Student pop-up exhibition KATTAUS renews tableware

8. helmikuu 2018

Aalto University's first-year design students introduce altogether 34 variations for a table setting.


  • table_setting
  • pop_up
  • exhibition
  • design

Olli Ilpo Salonen's MA film as a Jussi nominee

6. helmikuu 2018

Indie comedy "Wendy and the Refugee Neverland" is competing for a Jussi Award in best film music category.


  • Jussi_nominee
  • ELO
  • film

Exhibition: “Whose History is it Anyway?” demolishes history

6. helmikuu 2018

Who writes our national history? Whose voice does it have? Who are visible and who not?


  • whose_history
  • vicca
  • exhibition

Exhibition: “Winter Portraits” presents sites of significance

2. helmikuu 2018

The art project is made specifically for the TUAS building.


  • TUAS
  • winter_portraits
  • exhibition

PatternLab hits sales records

31. tammikuu 2018

The recognition of the surface design project brand is growing strongly.


  • pattern
  • collection
  • PatternLab
  • design

Interior design students’ Nirvana exhibition in Stockholm

30. tammikuu 2018

The student work exhibition presents colorful chairs.


  • Nirvana
  • interior_design
  • exhibition

Aalto students again in the Hyères fashion final

27. tammikuu 2018

Three out of ten finalists in the renowned fashion competition are Aalto University students.

Sami themes will become games

26. tammikuu 2018

Sami Game Jam will bring together experienced game developers and Sami people interested in game development in Utsjoki in February.


Seed funding led to a multimillion strategic collaboration between designers and chemists

26. tammikuu 2018

ChemArts is already looking into business opportunities and preparing for world domination.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

  • biomaterials
  • textiles
  • fashion
  • chemarts

Industrial Design students present: “VIP”

26. tammikuu 2018

The “VIP” exhibition consists of unique glass objects made with different techniques. It is a cooperation of three universities from three countries.


Landscape Observatory explored the state of landscape planning in Finland

26. tammikuu 2018

A recent study shows that developing sustainable landscape planning requires more cooperation.


  • landscape_observatory

Print Collection for Mass Customization

25. tammikuu 2018

Pirita Lauri's Master's thesis tackles the still quite unexplored intersection of coordination and customization in the context of printed textiles.


  • printed textiles
  • Mass Customization

Architect of happiness

24. tammikuu 2018

Finnish architect Kai Wartiainen is based in Sweden, where he is known not only as an ecological designer, but also as a radical thinker.


Laser scanning the 3D world

24. tammikuu 2018

Robotic cars, forest growth, virtual theatre, renovations... Laser scanning has a lot of applications, and new ones are being discovered all the time.


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