The future is presented by newly graduates at Masters of Aalto 2012


MoA’12 is the year show of Aalto University. Opening on Wednesday 9 May 2012 this month long event showcases the future through theses and projects, research and study programmes.

The theses and participants of MoA’12 have now been announced at The almost 100 Aalto University graduates have decided to conquer the challenges of the future.

The common theme in the projects presented in MoA’12, is creating a better, more equal and more functioning world.

The topics discussed at the theses include everything from architectural structures supporting peace mediation to building wells in Burkina Faso, and from bicycles made of recycled materials to knitting as a user interface.

Jätkäsaari hosts 30 seminars, project presentations and workshops from different fields of Aalto University

MoA’12 offers a wide variety of events in Helsinki, in May. The international seminar Zombie innovations or true development organised by UNICEF Finland on 11 May, discusses effective ideas for global wellbeing.

The event presents results from the co-operation between UNICEF Finland and Aalto University about their project of developing sanitation systems for schools in Uganda and tells us more about the department of innovation at UNICEF in New York. Aalto University is UNICEF’s first partner university in Europe.

The seminar Designing for a Sustainable Future on 29 May, showcases how to design more liveable and sustainable living environments. Among the speakers addressing the seminar will be Toshiko Mori, architect and professor at Harvard University.

MoA’12 is supported by the City of Helsinki, Unigrafia, Antalis, Biolan, BMW, RGB, SubTV, Suomen Kuitulava, UNICEF, Viking Line, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Iittala, Hjelt Foundation, Martela, Sato, Sitra and StoraEnso.

MoA’12 is open daily from 9 May to 3 June 2012 in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki (Harbour warehouse L3/Tyynenmerenkatu 6). Free entrance.

Check out the participating masters and the programme for MoA’12 at Online you can also curate your personal MyMoA event calender.

MoA’12 is part of Aalto University’s Living+ programme to celebrate the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

Further information:
Producer Katri Winqvist
tel. +358 50 591 4314
katri.winqvist [at] aalto [dot] fi

Producer Tarja Peltoniemi
tel. +358 50 532 3817
tarja.peltoniemi [at] aalto [dot] fi


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