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Anniversary Celebrations at Sino-Finnish Centre in Shanghai


On the 1st Anniversary of Sino-Finnish Centre November 2nd is celebrating and at the same time the first Cumulus Lab is to be opened.

At the time there will be celebrated also the expansion of the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory space. Sino-Finnish Centre is an international platform of collaboration, which Tongji and Aalto Universities have established in 2010. The first step of establishing the SFC was the Aalto Tongji Design Factory, which was opened a bit more than a year ago.

Aalto Tongji Design Factory’s aim is to grow to a "hub and engine of international innovation knowledge". It is an open innovation environment based on interdisciplinary and international university-industry cooperation. It is built on the experience and concept of the Aalto Design Factory in Otaniemi, Finland. 

ATDF is both a tool for building new type of learning opportunities and educational processes and a platform of collaboration. Educational offerings include weekly lectures of top people, international workshops, courses and Double Degree programs (International Design Business Management IDBM) and mobile courses (Aalto on Tracks, Tongji on Tracks). There are discussions at the moment starting PhD education between Aalto and Tongji.

Cumulus Lab opens 2 November 2011 in Shanghai

The Cumulus Executive Board decided in September 2011 in its meeting to support the establishment of local platforms that promote affordable access to programs involving education, research and practice in collaboration with industry, business and society to a growing membership. The 1st ever Cumulus Lab was decided to be founded in Shanghai China and to be hosted by the Cumulus member, Tongji University.

This Cumulus Lab is a platform in the China Shanghai region, for building active links to the best universities, companies and organizations in the region. The Cumulus members can utilize the lab to incorporate local universities into its activities. The Cumulus Lab in Shanghai can help members of Cumulus develop their contacts with Chinese Cumulus members, and build activities with them and reciprocally. 

This Cumulus Lab at Tongji is the first of a network of physical open spaces and it will encourage Cumulus members to discuss and exchange regional specificities and develop regional programs within a worldwide context. The Cumulus Lab uses the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory space and the Sino-Finnish Centre of Tongji and the Finnish Aalto University.

More information:

Director Eija Salmi, eija.salmi [at] aalto [dot] fi
International Affairs, Aalto University School of Art and Design


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