News: Archive 2012

School of Arts, Design and Architecture began operations at the start of the year

02.01.2012 The former Aalto University School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering have merged to form Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Kalevala Jewelry inspires textile artists

14.02.2012 Textile artist Laura Isoniemi and three textile design students from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture have created interpretations of Kalevala Jewelry in the form of textile art. Their work is on display at the Kalevala Jewelry shop on Unioninkatu in Helsinki.

Finland’s first computer games professor

11.04.2012 Finland will see its first computer games professorship in Aalto University.

Design Capital Pavilion showcases high quality wooden architecture

07.05.2012 A group of students and experts from the Aalto University Wood Studio have designed the Pavilion, a temporary structure to be located on an empty plot of land between the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum. The project is carried out by World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, Aalto University, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Design Museum and UPM. The Pavilion opens to the public on 12 May 2012.

Cardboard hospital does not make patients passive

30.05.2012 A cardboard hospital was constructed at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in order to develop patient-centred health care.

Design Meets Cellulose project turns Finnish wood into champagne

27.09.2012 How could a Finnish wood product attain the same luxury status as French champagne on the global market? This question was examined in the Design Meets Cellulose project, in which one of the themes was to develop a brand for Finnish wood products.

Aalto University has a strong focus in China

30.10.2012 Aalto University has successfully built strategic connections to China in close cooperation with Tongji University. The Sino-Finnish Centre was opened at Tongji University in 2010, and since then Aalto University and Tongji University have been jointly developing the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory.


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