News: Archive 2012

School of Arts, Design and Architecture began operations at the start of the year

02.01.2012 The former Aalto University School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering have merged to form Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Distinguished professionals honoured at the first anniversary gala of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

11.01.2012 The School of Arts, Design and Architecture started its first year with an anniversary gala where for the first time representatives of the design sectors were joined by architectural professionals.

Achievements in Finnish design brought Estlander medals to Aalto University professors

07.02.2012 The Estlander Silver Medals were awarded to Aalto University Professors Kalevi Ekman, Raimo Nikkanen and Markku Salimäki in recognition of significant achievement on behalf of Finnish design.

Short film brings the Finnish Pavilion to life at the 1900 Paris World Fair

07.02.2012 Researchers and students from the Department of Media of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture have created a short film called Le Pavilion de la Finlande à l’exposition universelle de 1900 à Paris.

Kalevala Jewelry inspires textile artists

14.02.2012 Textile artist Laura Isoniemi and three textile design students from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture have created interpretations of Kalevala Jewelry in the form of textile art. Their work is on display at the Kalevala Jewelry shop on Unioninkatu in Helsinki.

Media Factory's Human Design or Evolution lecture series stirred conversation about future human bodies

20.02.2012 "Do we change the world to suit us or do we change ourselves to suit the world?" designer Fiona Raby asked during the Human Design or Evolution lecture series, held at Aalto Media Factory.

Floating Eco Cities Combine Green Building with Finnish Shipbuilding Expertise

29.02.2012 The Finnish shipbuilding industry may become a future expert in building ecological cities.

Masters of Aalto built in Jätkäsaari

02.03.2012 A window into the future will be built in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, as new graduates from the Aalto University present their skills and passion for innovation. The Masters of Aalto (MoA) event has expanded to cover the whole Aalto University and takes place from 9 May to 3 June 2012.

Designing for New Realities! seminar - follow the stream on March 6th

05.03.2012 Can socially aware design approaches really offer something meaningful that we can adopt today, and will they be relevant even tomorrow?

Professor appointments at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

09.03.2012 A department appoints tenure track professors to one of the three tenure track levels (Assistant, Associate or Full Professor).

The Vice Deans at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

09.03.2012 There are two Vice deans at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

ELO wipes the board at Tampere’s National Competition

12.03.2012 The National Competition at Tampere’s film festival was a celebration for the Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design’s films. The films “Burden of My Heart”, “Hypermarket Nation”, “Korsoteoria” (So It Goes), “Äidit” (Mothers) and “Pyramidi” (Pyramid) enjoyed great success at the film festival that finished at the last weekend.

Open international architectural design competition at Aalto University

05.04.2012 Aalto University Properties Ltd. in Finland is arranging a competition for designing Aalto University’s Otaniemi central campus and its main buildings.

Finland’s first computer games professor

11.04.2012 Finland will see its first computer games professorship in Aalto University.

The future is presented by newly graduates at Masters of Aalto 2012

12.04.2012 MoA’12 is the year show of Aalto University. Opening on Wednesday 9 May 2012 this month long event showcases the future through theses and projects, research and study programmes.

Admission results of the Master´s programmes published

27.04.2012 The admission results of the Master's programmes at Aalto University have been published on 27 April.

Design Capital Pavilion showcases high quality wooden architecture

07.05.2012 A group of students and experts from the Aalto University Wood Studio have designed the Pavilion, a temporary structure to be located on an empty plot of land between the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum. The project is carried out by World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, Aalto University, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Design Museum and UPM. The Pavilion opens to the public on 12 May 2012.

Creating packaging experiences

22.05.2012 A product’s packaging is not merely a protective shell it travels home from the store in. Packaging may be fun and beautiful and does not need to be taken seriously.

Cardboard hospital does not make patients passive

30.05.2012 A cardboard hospital was constructed at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in order to develop patient-centred health care.

Manzini: New generation of services bases on sustainability and social innovation

31.05.2012 - There is a new generation of services emerging that blurs the roles of server and user. This change in paradigm is a result of growing number of problems causing need for more and different kind services.

Aalto University to acquire Musta Taide publishing company

20.06.2012 The publishing company Musta Taide specialising in high quality photography books will be acquired by Aalto University.

Admission results for BA programmes at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture released

21.06.2012 A total of 2 874 hopefuls interested in pursuing studies in the field of applied art applied for the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture this year.

City Sets - Discover the Design Urban Design and Media Art of Aalto University in Paris

26.06.2012 The City Sets - Discover the Design Paris exhibition (from 31 May to 31 Aug 2012) introduces the Aalto University's MA and doctoral students' talent side by side with experienced Finnish media artists in the context of Designer's Days, one of the biggest yearly design events in France.

Masters of Aalto takes over Jätkäsaari

26.06.2012 The Masters of Aalto festival, which has grown into an event encompassing the entire Aalto University, drew visitors throughout May to the exhibition featuring the future's professionals.

Success in Milan for the double graduate Kristiina Lassus

04.07.2012 Kristiina Lassus, who has been highly successful in the field of design in Milan, works long hours enthusiastically and with her eyes firmly fixed on the future. Even if the Italian economy has been badly hit, she believes that after the downturn, it will be boosted to new heights.

Aalto University admits 1720 new students – 16 % of applicants gain admission

06.07.2012 A total of 1720 students were admitted to Aalto University in its spring application round.

3D virtual simulation enables visits to the Dutch trader Vrouw Maria at the bottom of the Baltic sea

19.07.2012 The interactive and real-time 3D virtual simulation of the wreck of the Vrouw Maria, created by researchers and students of the Media Lab of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland is on display this summer in the exhibition “Spoils of Riches – the Stories of the Vrouw Maria and the St. Michel”.

Aalto University ecological building experts showcase their skills at the Finnish Housing Fair

25.07.2012 In this year’s Finnish Housing Fair, the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is represented by two departments.

The first production by an Aalto University artist in residence is complete: Return of the Goddess combines art, research and technology

08.08.2012 Marita Liulia, the first artist invited to take part in the Aalto University AiR residence, will see the premiere of her production Return of the Goddess on 17 August at Savoy Theatre during the Helsinki Festival.

Design games make users part of product and service design

14.08.2012 Along with professional designers, companies and service providers have a growing interest in involving users in the design of products and services. Play-like methods are utilised in joint ideation sessions.

Ceremonial Conferment of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture on 11 January 2013

24.08.2012 Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture will hold its fourth Formal Conferment Ceremony for Master’s and Doctoral degrees on Friday 11 January 2013.

Aalto a visible participant at Helsinki Design Week

03.09.2012 Aalto University students, researchers and alumni are participating in Helsinki Design Week 6–16 September 2012 in the form of numerous exhibitions and events. The exhibitions are focused on the design of better living environments and industrial art design, displaying the projects of future artists and designers. The programme for Open House Helsinki includes walking tours at the Töölö and Otaniemi campuses. The Pavilion will remain open for the duration of Helsinki Design Week.

Opening of the Academic year: President Tuula Teeri finds the cutting of the university index to be a short-sighted solution

04.09.2012 The opening of the academic year at Aalto University was held on the Otaniemi campus on Tuesday 4 September. Almost six hundred staff members, students and cooperation partners took part in the event.

Three new professor appointments at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

05.09.2012 New professors have been appointed at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

140 years of architectural education in Finland: architectural education at Aalto University on a solid basis

06.09.2012 This autumn marks the 140th anniversary of the start of architectural education in Finland. The teaching started in 1872 at the Polytechnic School under the leadership of F.A. Sjöström. Together with the Helsinki University of Technology, the department became part of Aalto University in 2010. Now, 140 years on, the architectural education at Otaniemi is still founded on arts and advanced technology.

Leo Lindroos wins the main prize at the Habitare Design Competition

12.09.2012 The winner of the 2012 Habitare Design Competition was Leo Lindroos with his design 'Sunset Camera'. Lindroos was awarded the €6,000 main prize.

Design report to the European Commission to be made public at summit in Helsinki

13.09.2012 The Leadership Board on European design has completed a list of policy recommendations that aim at the utilisation of design as a driving force for economic growth, wellbeing and competitiveness in Europe.

Design as a driver of European growth: the Design Leadership Board’s 21 recommendations to the European Commission

17.09.2012 The role of European design should be enhanced on the global stage, and top expertise in design should be supported. Cooperation between strong design competencies, companies and the public sector should be developed to produce better services. Design should be embedded in innovation programmes and business incubators across Europe. Harnessing design as a tool for innovation processes will boost prosperity and wellbeing across the continent.

Aalto University opens the first Fablab in Finland

25.09.2012 Aalto Media Factory opens the first Finnish Fablab – the Aalto Fablab – on the Arabia campus. A fab lab (short for ‘fabrication laboratory’) is an open workshop, where everybody can make objects using techniques such as 3D printing or laser cutting. The Aalto Fablab is already open for Aalto people and it will be open for the public one day per week, starting 2nd of October.

Aalto University participates in the design of the Expo Milano 2015 Clusters

26.09.2012 Aalto University participates in designing the concepts of the exhibition spaces of the Expo Milano 2015 world exposition. The representatives of the Department of Architecture and Department of Design of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture take part in a multidisciplinary workshop in Milan during September and October 2012. The aim of the workshop is to design a concept for the Clusters, which group different countries within the same architectural project.

Design Meets Cellulose project turns Finnish wood into champagne

27.09.2012 How could a Finnish wood product attain the same luxury status as French champagne on the global market? This question was examined in the Design Meets Cellulose project, in which one of the themes was to develop a brand for Finnish wood products.

Architectural competition – commenting open on the website

08.10.2012 Entries for phase one of the architectural competition for Aalto University core campus can be viewed and commented on, on the website ( until 22.10. A total of 189 entries were received for the competition from all around the world. The exhibition presenting the entries is open in Futuro Business Park in Otaniemi until Friday 12.10.

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture reaches the landmark of one hundred doctors

12.10.2012 On 10 October, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture organised a seminar to celebrate the one hundred Doctors of Arts who have graduated in Finland.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture to award eight honorary doctorates

26.10.2012 The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture will organise its fourth Formal Conferment Ceremony for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in the field of art and design on 11 January 2013.

Film producer Aleksi Bardy appointed professor at Aalto University

29.10.2012 Film producer and screenwriter Aleksi Bardy (42) has been appointed Professor of Film and Television Producing at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture from 1 January 2013.

Aalto University has a strong focus in China

30.10.2012 Aalto University has successfully built strategic connections to China in close cooperation with Tongji University. The Sino-Finnish Centre was opened at Tongji University in 2010, and since then Aalto University and Tongji University have been jointly developing the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory.

Kaj Franck Design Prize of 2012 - Clothing Designer Jasmiine Julin-Aro

08.11.2012 The Kaj Franck Design Prize of 2012 was awarded 8 November 2012 by Design Forum Finland to professor of Aalto University, clothing and fashion designer Jasmiine Julin-Aro. The exhibition is on display at the Designgallery 12 series (Design Museum’s Gallery) until 2 December.


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