Architecture students on Master Class course in Africa

25.04.2014 Students of architecture focused on participatory planning on their Master Class course and went on a field trip to Rwanda.

Students to renovate the interior of a department library

25.04.2014 The old department library will convert into a modern work and living room for students when the construction of the latest Learning Hub starts in Otaniemi in summer. The project is related to the development of the university's new Learning Centre and will supplement its services.

Mass tourism has impoverished the architecture of Lapland and changed familiar landscapes

25.04.2014 The increase in tourism to the region has had a significant impact on traditional Lapland travel destinations, landscapes, and the environment.

How should residents' needs be considered in housing production?

08.04.2014 In the planning and construction of housing, new ways are needed to benefit from the requirements, values and experiences of residents.

New vice deans named for School of Arts, Design and Architecture

08.04.2014 Professor Teemu Leinonen, D.A., and Head of Research Ossi Naukkarinen, Ph.D., have been named as Vice Deans of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.Their terms begin on 1 May 2014.

Environmentally friendly solid wood chairs going to Milan Furniture Fair

04.04.2014 Ecological considerations, which are among the guiding principles in the process of furniture design, are among the characteristics written into good design. They also form a part of the world view of a responsible person.

An architect who knows wood admires log cabins

02.04.2014 Using scanty resources, our forebears built durable homes. A Japanese architect, who has made Finland his home, investigates what we could learn from them.

Design research helps develop more useful mobile services

27.03.2014 Studying real life makes it possible to design more innovative mobile applications which can be of concrete benefit to people in their daily lives.

Short documentary screened at the International Festival of Films on Art

25.03.2014 Le Pavilion de la Finlande à l’exposition universelle de 1900 à Paris, a short documentary film about this legendary landmark in the history of art and design has been screened in the Horizons official programme at the 32nd FIFA, International Festival of Films on Art.

The Pattern Lab course thrives on passion for patterns

21.03.2014 The significance for young students of the Pattern Lab study project – which concentrates on pattern design – is immense. The readiness for entrepreneurship accumulated during the course has encouraged many to establish their own businesses.

Marimekko fashion show includes dress knitted out of birch cellulose fibre

14.03.2014 The surface of the ready textile has a dim glow and it is pleasing to the touch.

Skatepark design awarded Lappset stipend

10.03.2014 Landscape architect Janne Saario, from Aalto University's Department of Architecture, was awarded the Lappset Group's 2013 stipend for his Steelpark master's thesis project.

Finland is Cool at the Frankfurt Book Fair

10.03.2014 Master's degree students from Aalto University have designed a Finnish trade fair pavilion and come up with the visual look for the 2014 book fair.

Applying for Doctoral studies?

04.03.2014 Student information portal Into requires login temporarily. A backup version of student information portal Into available for non-Aalto users.

Susanna Pettersson appointed to the Aalto University Board

25.02.2014 Susanna Pettersson (Ph.D., born 1966), Director of the Finnish Institute in London, has been appointed a member of the Aalto University Board as of 1 March 2014.

Aalto University involved in Cape Town, the World Design Capital 2014

24.02.2014 The University takes the WDC Helsinki 2012 legacy further by taking projects and an exhibition to Cape Town.

Finnish photographic art extensively on display in Madrid

14.02.2014 The ARCOmadrid art fair brings photographic artists from the Gallery Taik Persons and the Helsinki School to the Spanish capital in February 2014.

Finnish textile art heads for Paris

11.02.2014 Aalto University’s design students are about to introduce their Pattern Lab ’14 collection to a worldwide audience.

Textile Artist of the Year award to Maarit Salolainen

07.02.2014 Professor and textile artist Maarit Salolainen was chosen as Textile Artist of the Year at the Designers 2014 seminar on 7 February 2014 at the Bio Rex cinema in Helsinki.

Students' steel chairs set to shine at the De Steel display in Stockholm

04.02.2014 The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture takes part in the Stockholm Furniture Fair, this time presenting a series of stunning steel chairs.

Ariel Bustamante starts as a new Artist-in-Residence

21.01.2014 Bustamante`s works bring out other forms of listening.

New honorary members for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

13.01.2014 Each year people who have worked with special distinction on behalf of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and for the benefit of the fields of culture, industrial art and architecture, are invited as honorary members of the school.

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