Architects need to understand the textual nature of an image

13.11.2013 Architects work primarily with images, which is why the pictorial understanding that forms the basis of their work is not irrelevant.

Aalto University's Wood Program and the MFA in South Korea

12.11.2013 Aalto University's Wood Program and the Museum of Finnish Architecture opened an exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea presenting 22 examples of experimental wooden architecture from Finland as part of the 'Nordic Passion' program on architecture and design from the Nordic countries.

Helsinki School on display at world's largest photography fair in Paris

11.11.2013 The Helsinki School, run by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, is again taking part in the world's largest exhibition of photographic art, which will be held in the glass exhibition hall of the historic Grand Palais in Paris on 14 - 17 November, 2013.

Jussi Kantonen's 'Moduuli' wins School of Arts, Design and Architecture website design competition

07.11.2013 A competition was held to find a new concept for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture website.

Uncertainty worth tolerating in design

05.11.2013 In conceptualising new services, getting a moment of insight might involve a long wait. Patience is nevertheless worthwhile, according to a recent doctoral dissertation.

Nordic design schools to be introduced in Shanghai

29.10.2013 Aalto University will be presenting its wellbeing design solutions at the Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai on 1–10 November. The aim is to bring the image of the Nordic countries as experts and innovators of design and sustainable development into a sharper focus.

Aalto University and the City of Pori agree to strengthen cooperation

23.10.2013 The new cooperation agreement ensures Aalto's continued presence in the University Consortium of Pori and in the Pori region.

Professional ethics important throughout the design process

22.10.2013 A designer’s work must be based on originality. The School of Arts, Design and Architecture tackled a topical issue by arranging a seminar discussing the teaching of professional ethics in design, ethical practices in the sector and copyright legislation.

Students' Pattern Lab'14 collection tests its wings on the world stage

22.10.2013 Master's degree students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture are taking their recently completed Pattern Lab'14 collection out into the world. The sales of the collection to companies in Finland and Sweden begin in October. In February 2014, a group of students will go to the Première Vision show in Paris to exhibit and sell their collection to international companies.

Architecture students working with the City of Pori

21.10.2013 As part of their coursework, students from Aalto University's Department of Architecture are designing a new neighbourhood in Pori, as well as homes and green spaces and a jazz club, which they are working on in collaboration with the Pori Jazz association. The areas of interest are the Karjaranta area and a new housing fair area which is still at the design stage.

Musta Taide to produce photography books though crowd funding

02.10.2013 The publishing company Musta Taide specialising in photography books will begin producing photography books using crowd funding.

Team of three students wins significant design prize

02.10.2013 Students of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture have won a significant design prize with their functional design product Motorcycle Riding Overalls With Integrated Torso Protectors!

Väre wins Aalto University’s Campus 2015 architectural design competition

27.09.2013 A winner has been declared for the open international architectural design competition Campus 2015, arranged by Aalto University Properties Ltd.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture's Showroom in Paris Fashion Week

26.09.2013 For the first time in September 2013 Aalto University presents a selection of its MA and BA graduate collections in a showroom space during Paris Fashion Week in co-operation with the Pre Helsinki organization.

Reorganisation of School of Arts, Design and Architecture activity in Pori

26.09.2013 Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is in discussions on possible reorganisation of its functions in the University Consortium of Pori. As a result of the Aalto University degree reform, the Master’s Degree Programmes in Visual Culture and Creative Business Management (CBM), which have a combined total of 78 students, will be suspended in their current forms in autumn 2014.

National and international recognition for Yrjö Sotamaa

06.09.2013 Professor Yrjö Sotamaa from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture has been awarded for his life's work on behalf of Finnish design. Sotamaa has also received recognition for developing the Shanghai Design Week.

Aalto University’s screenwriting research presented in the United States

06.09.2013 Teachers and researchers of the Department of Film, Television and Scenography, Marja-Riitta Koivumäki, Raija Talvio and Riikka Pelo presented their research at the 6th conference on screenwriting research held this year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

President Teeri challenged political parties to make education and research an election theme

03.09.2013 Aalto University held its opening ceremony for the academic year on 3 September at the Töölö Campus.

Arabianranta and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture impress Shanghai city leaders

28.08.2013 Espoo and Shanghai's 15-year sister city relationship brought the Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong to Finland. During his visit, he also visited Arabianranta, where the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is located.

Japanese art on the issues of time and eternity

26.08.2013 Tuula Moilanen, Graphic Artist, studied two abstract concepts in her dissertation – how ’time’ and ‘eternity’ appear in the depictions of Japanese woodblock prints and in the production process itself.

Art is a tool for communicating in the social world

19.08.2013 According to the doctoral dissertation of Mika Karhu, M.A. (Art and Design), one of the essential roles of art is to act as a way of expressing social experiences. The dissertation discusses how the social world affects the work of artists. At the same time, it explores the origins of art and how arts have changed during the past centuries resulting in the work of modern artists.

Theatre goes movies brings movies to the theatre

14.08.2013 On 21 August, the Helsinki Triptych, a collection of three movies produced as a collaboration between three famous theatres, Ryhmäteatteri, KOM-teatteri and Viirus, will premiere as part of the annual Helsinki Festival.

Art-based environmental education inspires people to look at familiar landscapes in a new way

14.08.2013 In our digital culture, many people lack a direct experience with the ‘real’ natural world and do not feel connected to it in any way.

The potential of Aalto University takes shape in cooperation project

19.06.2013 Business economics and creative artistic side joined forces in cooperation project.

Aalto University student projects on display at prominent Tokyo gallery

18.06.2013 At midsummer the 21_21 Design Sight Gallery in Tokyo will open an exhibition that will include works by students of applied art and design from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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