Children make works of art from colourful monsters

27.08.2014 Helsinki second-graders created game buddies for the Kiasma museum monster at an art workshop designed by art education students. The creations are hung at one end of Kiasma.

Welcome to Aalto University new students!

25.08.2014 New students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture are the first to arrive on campus.

Traditional landscape familiar from Finnish visual art also appears among old stage scenes

22.08.2014 Type scenes from history depicting ideal Finnish landscapes can still be found on the stages of Finnish theatre associations.

Postmodernism returned the forgotten values to Finnish architecture at the end of the 20th century

20.08.2014 A recent dissertation shows that the postmodernist trend was of central importance in the rise of Finnish architecture to new international fame.

Aalto University welcomes 1661 new students

02.07.2014 172 new students will be studying in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Special recognitions to Aalto researchers

26.06.2014 The World Cultural Council, WCC, has granted six special recognitions to researchers from Aalto University.

Admission results for bachelor’s programmes in the field of Art and Design released

19.06.2014 Majors in Graphic Design, Art Education and Interior Architecture received the most applications.

A first FiDiPro for Aalto ARTS in Costume Methodologies

18.06.2014 The School of Arts, Design and Architecture has received its first ever FiDiPro post as Professor Peter McNeil will be supporting the development of Costume Methodologies, a research project run by Professor Sofia Pantouvaki. The project engages research from all of the fields of costume design.

PUPA offers funding for projects carried out in the Pori region

18.06.2014 The PUPA operating model created last autumn will start at the beginning of 2015. However, the Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University (PUPA) is already of interest to existing local operators and also makes possible the presence of Aalto University in the Pori region.

Kiia Beilinson wins UNICEF poster competition

13.06.2014 Kiia Beilinson, a student in Aalto University’s Master's Degree Programme in Graphic Design, was named the winner of the competition with her entry ‘be a tit’.

An innovative working environment is being developed for School of Arts, Design and Architecture

13.06.2014 In autumn 2013, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) instigated a participatory development project involving staff and students. The aim of the project was to conceptualise the office space of the future, which will then be realised as part of the new Aalto ARTS building complex on the University's Otaniemi campus.

Suburban residents get inspired by collaborative efforts

11.06.2014 Planning work based on the needs of residents and collaboration with professionals is being instigated in order to develop suburbs.

Unexpected target groups interested in townhouse living

10.06.2014 An Aalto University study gives indications that townhouses appeal to a pioneering type of resident willing to compromise on living space for environmental reasons.

The Government of Moscow visited School of Arts, Design and Architecture

06.06.2014 The team of 19 members from the Government of Moscow visited during their visit to City of Helsinki also Aalto University on 21 May 2014.

Mr Eddie Ng the Secretary for Education of the Hong Kong visited Aalto University

06.06.2014 Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture had the honor to welcome with Vice-President of Aalto University Mr Hannu Seristö the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office representatives with the leadership of Mr Eddie Ng, Secretary for Education of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on 21 May 2014.

Designkuplia (Design Bubbles) gets silver award for artwork in Eurpoean competition

26.05.2014 Samuli Saarinen's illustrations were given a silver award at the European Design Awards.

Aalto University's Fashion Show has established itself in the world of fashion

26.05.2014 New collections designed by students from Aalto University's Degree Programme in Fashion and Clothing Design were exhibited to the public on Friday 23 May. Guests in the fully-packed Kattilahalli in Suvilahti, Helsinki were excited as they waited for the show to begin.

IDBM collaboration bears fruit with prototype pupilometer

22.05.2014 Students from the IDBM degree programme were involved in developing a new kind of medical apparatus due to hit the US market within a year.

Students’ media art daringly combines art and technology

19.05.2014 What would it be like to see your own face reflected as a giant statue and be the centre of attention, if only for a moment? What do the electrical signals all around us actually look like?

Heippa Service wins the Everyday Innovations of the Future competition

19.05.2014 A new mobile and online service - Heippa (Hi there!) - is helping tackle problems associated with loneliness, marginalisation and mental health.

What happens between the theatre stage and audience?

19.05.2014 Traditional stage design is increasingly being combined with new media technologies in the performing arts.

Urban Academy generates interest – a new minor starts in the autumn

16.05.2014 Urban Academy is a joint minor module organised by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. It examines topical questions related to urban studies and planning, as well as to urban living.

Community has an important role to play in new building's design

16.05.2014 The design work for a new building set to be built Aalto University's Otaniemi campus is picking up pace. The aim is that the construction work will get under way in early 2015.

Architects remake interim space at schools

13.05.2014 There is an enormous need for extra temporary space at schools. Many school buildings in Finland are targets for renovation, and indoor air problems have also become common. However, schoolchildren continue to need high-quality and contemporary learning environs.

Kierre welcomes visitors to the Millennium Pavilion

09.05.2014 Winner of the architectural design competition for students at Aalto University, the Kierre entrance greets visitors to the Pavilion erected in Helsinki's Kansalaistori Square.

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