More room for inspirational learning – the new Aalto EE premises are open

14. lokakuu 2015

Aalto EE now occupies a wing of the historic main building of Aalto University School of Business.


Students generating ideas for a welcome package for asylum seekers

12. lokakuu 2015

Course participants approach the task by means of service design and graphic design.


  • refugee_crisis
  • sustainability
  • asylum_seekers

Aalto University Magazine 14 out now

12. lokakuu 2015

The just-released Aalto University Magazine 14 examines health technology, a sector undergoing powerful growth.


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  • magazine

Finalists selected for the All About Me competition

5. lokakuu 2015

Kilpailun tavoitteena oli kehittää uudenlaisia luovia ja visuaalisia tapoja esittää kansalaisiin liittyviä hallinnon rekisteritietoja.


Comprehensive school teachers learn about coding in a MOOC

2. lokakuu 2015

Next autumn, computer programming will become a part of all basic education teaching in Finland.

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Carbon-neutral Otaniemi will get a boost from the Climate-KIC project

30. syyskuu 2015

Innovations and smart companies now occupy the key position in the prevention of climate change.

Cooperation Campus

  • Climate-KIC
  • otaniemi
  • sustainability

Professor Aleksi Bardy – film producer of the year

28. syyskuu 2015

Professor Aleksi Bardy has received Producer of the Year award for his movie “He ovat paenneet” (They have fled).


Six-metre tall sound sculpture crafted at Kampintori

22. syyskuu 2015

Artist Ariel Bustamante invites public to explore life choices through conversation and listening.

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Customer perspective can provide a common language

17. syyskuu 2015

Is it possible to find a common language between business and design?

Cooperation Other

Montreal World Film Festival: the Best Director award goes to Mikko Kuparinen

16. syyskuu 2015

Director Mikko Kuparinen has won an internationally recognized award.


Gerhard Fink appointed Assistant Professor of Wooden Structures at Aalto University

16. syyskuu 2015

Professor Fink focuses on renewing the timber sector with innovative solutions for developing more reliable and efficient engineered wood products.

Science and art Press releases

Kiepaus and Kuusio shared the main prize at Habitare design competition

9. syyskuu 2015

Head judge Juhani Pallasmaa announced the winners of the Burr design competition at the Habitare fair on 9 September.

Studies Honored Cooperation

LEGO® + AALTO: Waving movement

9. syyskuu 2015

Again, we can be amazed when LEGO and students of Aalto University unify their forces for the third time.

Studies Cooperation

New regional ideas for Turku and Kotka

8. syyskuu 2015

More with Less - From Resource Scarcity to Social Abundance

Studies Cooperation

Award of the Acoustical Society of Finland to Nella Näveri and to Juha Vilkamo

7. syyskuu 2015

The Acoustical Society of Finland presents awards biannually from the Matti Karjalainen Fund for important contributions in the field of acoustics.


Lifting columns become a Mummotunkki (Granny jack) and a space divider that opens up into steps

7. syyskuu 2015

Aalto University presents fresh and inventive student design at Helsinki Design Week.

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1,527 new Bachelor’s level students began studies at Aalto

4. syyskuu 2015

A total of 9,858 persons applied for admission to Aalto University in the joint application process this spring. 16% of applications were successful.


  • admissions
  • joint_applications

Hard rain inspires discussion

31. elokuu 2015

Hard Rain Goes Aalto brings environmentally-themed events to Aalto in September.

Studies Cooperation

The future townhouse can accommodate one, two or a group of people

27. elokuu 2015

The multi-storey type of dwelling offers urban living in a small building and new opportunities for residential living in different life situations.

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Table Talks brings together food-themed design projects

26. elokuu 2015

Students utilised their knowledge of food cultures and trends in the design process.

Studies Cooperation

Better bureaucracy through design

26. elokuu 2015

Service design can ease the stress of red tape and provide assistance via a single service point.

Studies Cooperation

  • service_design
  • design

The virtual world makes self-development possible

25. elokuu 2015

According to a doctoral dissertation, using virtual worlds for learning and self-development require a new understanding of people.

Science and art

Can you film debt?

3. heinäkuu 2015

A research project in the cinematic arts examines the transition of the welfare society and challenges the technical traditions of documentary film.

Science and art

  • documentary_film
  • film
  • ARTS

11,741 bachelor's level applicants to Aalto University this spring

2. heinäkuu 2015

The results of national joint applications to higher education institutions have been published through the Studyinfo service.

Studies Other

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  • joint_applications

Bachelor’s degree selection results published through Studyinfo at the latest on 3 July

29. kesäkuu 2015

Keep up-to-date through My Studyinfo -service


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