Collaborative Study Projects

Study projects at Aalto ARTS are ambitious seven-week long curriculum-based collaboration projects that engage students to industry through complex real-world challenges.

These experiential learning opportunities build bridges between academic and professional practices and give added value to our partners.

The topics are negotiated together and without exception they are in high interest to our partners and reflect the school’s pedagogical aims. We encourage our partners to explore future scenarious and alternative perspective which they have not yet thought of.

Typically our students work individually or in small teams. Process starts from research and inquiry, then through radical ideas and experimentation leads to final concepts and optional prototypes.

In practice the study projects are optional courses taking place in the departments. The course leader, who is often also the professor of the field, negotiates the specifics of the project. All five departments (architecture, art, design, film, media) offer diverse opportunities.

While study projects are mostly bound to individual courses, we have had some epic cases from combining them, thus creating deeper and broader outcomes.

The project costs are shared between university and the partner. For partners the costs are defined case by case depending on the length, expected outcomes as well as the input and recourses they have for the project. E.g., seven-week project in Masters level is around 10.000€. The partner has an exclusive right to redeem the intellectual property rights of the outcomes. The outcomes and solutions are frequently brought successfully to market or utilized in diverse way. 

Have a preliminary idea?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Corporate Relations, Pirita Posti, Pirita.posti [at] aalto [dot] fi 

Want to learn more?

Please browse above few recent projects showcasing our collaborative study projects.




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