Art, design and architecture professionals

Are you one of the select group of people that is responsible for building a major part of the Finnish design, art, architecture and visual culture field?

In the alumni network, you'll hear about current university issues, future events and postgraduate education opportunities, and become a part of the university's diverse activities. Registration is free of charge and involves no obligations. You're free to decide on your level of participation. We're also pleased to hear about your requests and ideas for developing alumni activities.



Register as an alumnus at!

AlumniNET brings together all Aalto alumni - by registering as a member you can keep up with what's happening at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

After registering as a member, you receive a monthly electronic newsletter from Alumni Relations, Aalto University Magazine four times per year and invitations to events held by Alumni Relations. The network already has nearly 27 000 members!

Goal of Alumni activities

The purpose of our alumni activities is to create a cooperation network of School of Arts, Design and Architecture alumni, students, teachers, researchers and staff. We want to maintain contact with graduates of the school by offering alumni current information, the chance to participate in school events, and opportunities to network with veterans and new faces. At the same time, we hope to reunite you with your former fellow students.

Alumni can also be a part of developing the university in many ways, for example, by means of their expertise and competence. Alumni can, either privately or via their companies, provide financial support to the university.

For its part, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture supports lifelong learning and offers services that benefit alumni in working life. After registering for alumni activities, you also receive an electronic alumni newsletter.

If you don't receive the newsletter yet, update your contact information in the AlumniNet portal ( or by sending a message to alumni-taik [at] aalto [dot] fi (

Services for alumni

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture provides a number of services that alumni can also use at no cost according to their needs.

Library Services
Aalto University Library's Arabia and Otaniemi locations serve students and university staff as well as customers from outside the university. In addition to book collections, the campus libraries provide facilities for studying and guidance services for information searches.

Postgraduate studies
Are you interested in writing a doctoral dissertation? You can develop and maintain your professional competence by completing a postgraduate degree. Find out more about the requirements for a doctor of arts degree, the application process and the phases of writing a doctoral dissertation. For more information»

Open University
The Open University provides an opportunity to complete university courses in different areas of Film, Television and Scenography, Design, Art Education, and Visual Culture. The studies are arranged in different towns and cities in cooperation with adult education centres and summer universities.

Career Services
The School of Arts, Design and Architecture's Career Services provides services for newly graduated alumni within one year of graduation. The services include information on job and internship options and the labour market situation in the fields of arts, design and architecture. Career Services also offers general counselling on job hunting and career planning and gives feedback on ones job application documents. The trainings and events organised by Career Services are open to all alumni regardless of the graduation year. For more information»

Aalto ARTS Books
Our school is the most important publisher in the field of art and design in Finland. Over the past 20 years, we have published more than 150 works for students, professionals and other parties interested in the field. Ask  about our alumni offers! For more information»

Four galleries operate in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture: Aralis Gallery, Gallery Atski, Media Factory Gallery and Media Centre Lume Gallery. Space is also rented to alumni when possible. For more information»

Recruiting Services
Is your company or organization looking for arts, design or architecture professional or trainee? Employers can publish job and internship recruiting announcements on the Career Services website free of charge. Career web>>

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